Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

Through digital marketing, you can easily convert site visitors and social media followers to be your business’ customers using a call to actions. Among the nine different types of online marketing, one of them is email marketing.

For every email sent to either potential or regular customers are considered as email marketing. Normally, it involves advertisements, solicits sales within the email body. Apply these tricks to improve your email open rates!

Always keep your list fresh

Some people may have changed their email addresses while the others got bored that makes them be inactive subscribers. Before you eradicate inactive subscribers, try to send them one last message, if they are still interested to receive updates from you.

Additional Tip: If you don’t want to lose any of your email subscribers, give them a reason to stay, through writing quality and more engaging content.

Use your business email address, not the generic email.

If you want to increase your email open rates as part of your digital marketing strategies, use your business email address. Using generic emails usually prompts the recipients that it’s just an advertising and will delete your email immediately.

Refrain from using generic business emails such as marketing@business.com, sales@business.com, info@business.com, and updates@business.com

Ask them to add you in email contacts.

Active and engaging subscribers may be hesitant to add you in their email contact, but you can at least try to request if they can “white list” you. This means putting you off from the promotion and social tabs.

Avoid these words if you don’t want your email marketing land in spam folder:

  • Winner
  • Free
  • Order Now
  • Click Here
  • Discount/buy
  • Deal
  • Sale
  • Special promotion
  • Great Offer

Make them feel special

Occasionally, you have to conduct a re-engagement campaign for your digital marketing strategies. The next time you run an email campaign, it should be relatable to both of your active subscribers and target customers.

Here are some other tips:

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